Development.i is a simple, innovative and customer centric information portal that provides access to past & current Development Application details and basic property information for local government areas.


What's great about Development.i

Development.i empowers you to be informed​

Whether you are a landowner, potential purchaser, real estate agent, private certifier or development consultant, Development.i will provide the information to consider, respond, comment or prepare applications

Why Development.i?

Development.i makes it easy to access general town planning details for a property for past and current applications; interactive mapping link; applications and approval information relating to your site​; and general development information such as water and sewer infrastructure and flooding overlays​

Property information – anywhere, any time on any device

You can access information, via Council’s website from your desktop, tablet or phone with Development.i providing:

Flexible search options
Visualise results on a map
Save searches, favourite properties and applications
Set preferences to receive alerts
Access detailed application information and documentation
Generate a detailed site report with town planning information

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